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Enhancing Urban Resilience with Sustainable Building Materials

Urban areas, such as Australia’s CBDs, are seeing unprecedented growth, which is stimulating the need for more and more construction. With urban demand at an all-time high, cities are searching for ways to build as efficiently as possible. But, at Volcano Constructions, whether we are working on a house, business or skyscraper, there is one thing we are always conscious about. That is urban resilience.With the growing threat of natural disasters, like the flooding seen on the east coast of Aus...

February 10, 2023

What are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and why are they important in the construction industry?

Environmental Product Declarations, or EPDs, are an important tool for sustainability in the construction industry. They are a resource that provides transparent and comprehensive information about the environmental impact of building products throughout their lifecycle; from when they are first sourced as raw materials to how they will function throughout the lifetime of the building and through to their disposal.EPDs follow an international standardised set of rules, regardless of what the doc...

February 6, 2023

The Role of Project Management in our Successful Construction Projects

Australian construction projects can take time. Even the most efficient building and construction companies, like our team at Volcano Construction Products, may need a few months to complete a build. This time ensure that the foundations of your project are sturdy and that you receive a building that is strong, sturdy and made to last. However, in the construction market, many stakeholders and deadlines must be upheld. To ensure that we consistently deliver on-time projects, we are passiona...

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