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Enhancing Urban Resilience with Sustainable Building Materials

Urban areas, such as Australia’s CBDs, are seeing unprecedented growth, which is stimulating the need for more and more construction. With urban demand at an all-time high, cities are searching for ways to build as efficiently as possible. But, at Volcano Constructions, whether we are working on a house, business or skyscraper, there is one thing we are always conscious about. That is urban resilience.

With the growing threat of natural disasters, like the flooding seen on the east coast of Australia in 2021 and 2022, buildings must be made to last. Moreso, they must be built with the most sustainable materials, as these materials have proven to offset the impacts of climate change and be naturally resilient.

Though they may cost more during the construction phase, these materials also provide significant benefits across energy conservation, which can lower bills and avoid excess maintenance costs.

Therefore, the following blog shows how urban resilience can be achieved through the right sustainable materials.

Using Sustainable Building Materials to Reduce Energy Consumption

Urban Resilience refers to a city's ability to thrive even in sudden and unexpected events, many caused by natural disasters. The greatest level of urban resilience, is, therefore, to take preventative actions to prevent these disasters from happening. For example, it is known that intense flooding, heat waves and earthquakes are the results of climate change, which comes from greenhouse gasses. So, taking the additional steps to construct buildings that don’t require excessive energy is the first instance of how construction plays into urban resilience.

At Volcano Constructions, we use materials including autoclaved aerated concrete, renewable timbers and mud bricks to naturally improve insulation. This reduces the need for excessive cooling and heating to improve energy efficiency. We are also conscious to build properties in a way that promotes optimum lighting and airflow to reduce electricity consumption. While this has a positive effect on the environment and urban resilience, it can also significantly lower costs for building owners and tenants.

Using Sustainable Building Materials to Reduce the Need For Maintenance

Sustainable materials have proven to be more durable than traditional building materials. This is especially true when the natural material is sourced from the country where the building is intended. For example, wood from Australian trees will be more resilient against humidity and fires as they have adapted to the climate. Using these materials can reduce the need for constant repairs and replacements, which can become costly.

There is no telling if their materials would survive a natural disaster, as it is always up to chance. However, using them also provides the best possibility that the structure will stand for long enough for a safe evacuation, therefore, boosting urban resilience.

Volcano Construction Products can help boost your urban resilience

In conclusion, sustainable building materials play a crucial role in enhancing the resilience of urban areas. They offer a range of benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, increased energy efficiency, greater durability, and reduced risk of natural disasters. At Volcano Construction Products, we’re also passionate about incorporating these structures to improve the efficiency of your home. We will always offer them as a solution to guarantee you get the most out of your build.

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