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What are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and why are they important in the construction industry?

Environmental Product Declarations, or EPDs, are an important tool for sustainability in the construction industry. They are a resource that provides transparent and comprehensive information about the environmental impact of building products throughout their lifecycle; from when they are first sourced as raw materials to how they will function throughout the lifetime of the building and through to their disposal.

EPDs follow an international standardised set of rules, regardless of what the document is being created for. It then uses Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to consider the real environmental impacts of each element of a building, even before the building is finalised. The information is presented in a clear and concise method which is easy to interpret, making it a simple tool for buyers and stakeholders to read and analyse.

Why are EPDs a valuable resource for building and construction companies?

EPDs help construction professionals and business owners make informed decisions about sustainability. It also allows them to understand the carbon impact they are having through each construction.

The data allows construction companies and builders to make quick, informed decisions about the sustainability of the materials they are choosing. When budgeting and planning a commercial or residential construction project, this can help professionals produce decisions that balance costs and long-term environmental ramifications.

Some of the data available through an EPD includes product guides, sustainability guides and a clear breakdown of which products support green building certification programs, such as the Green Building Council Australia's Green Star.

How do Volcano Construction Products leverage the valuable data provided by EPDs?

At Volcano Construction Products, we're conscious of the impact that Australian construction projects can have on the long-term sanctity of the environment. For this reason, we've made it our mission to supply products with a low environmental impact and to also complete construction jobs with as minimal environmental damage as possible.

We understand that EPDs are not required by law, but we are passionate about providing this information to our customers through every job we undertake; no matter how big or small. This transparency allows us to show our customers and clients the details behind their construction projects, including energy consumption, carbon footprint and resource depletion.

As we are constantly analysing our environmental footprint, should a product become available that can ensure we reduce the impact we have on the world, we will also make every effort to have it as our asset for future projects. We are also keen on researching trends in the construction industry, both in Australia and globally, to understand what we can use, in conjunction with EPDs, to establish long-lasting constructions that promote a greener future.

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